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    Organizational Development and Decision-Making

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    Hello, can you please help me come up with an outline for the following?

    *I need to find an example of an organization undergoing a major change and explain why the organization is making the change and what its change strategy is.
    *I need to find an example of a company in each of the 4 stages of the organizational life cycle, and describe, explain, and justify my responses.
    *I need to provide an example of each of the following strategies: r-specialist, r-generalist, K-specialist, and K-generalist, using companies in the fast-food industry.
    *I need to describe, in detail, a recent decision that I made and the decision-making model (s) that best describe how I made that decision.

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    Dear Student,

    Hi and thank you for your patience. I will show you how each of the tasks can be done and provide some initial information but you need to check with your current materials to ensure that in your final responses, you include ideas from there. Good luck with your studies.

    AE 105878/Xenia Jones

    Q1 - I suggest this outline -
    1. The organization - What is it about? 250 words.
    2. The changes that are implemented, its change strategy and desired effect - 250 words.

    You can present your ideas like so -

    Organizational Change

    Organizations have to change to adapt to the needs and demands of the public or market that it serves. I have decided to show how organizations, even the smaller ones in towns and cities, have to try and adapt to the trends in technology and market demands in order to remain relevant and to survive. Hence, I have decided to focus on a small business in my town, a flower shop that has been around since the 80's. It is owned by a family that has tended to the business for generations. Primarily serving our town of 18,000 people, they also serve the villages and towns that are close to us being that ours is a market town. They have around 15 employees and serve more than just the daily 'floral' needs of the local inn, restaurants, and its many daily customers. They provide the flowers for public events as well as for weddings, funerals and christenings.

    Yet, in order for the organization to survive following the downturn in the economy, the flower store has turned itself around to become an outlet. However, for this to happen, the company had to 'change internally'. Management of the business has decided to look into the way the company operates and uses its resources, its market, the market's many demands, as well as new opportunities. The change then was in the 'outlook' of the company, following Kotter's 8-step change model. The sense of urgency was established by the lower demand, since flowers are 'luxury items' that are not always necessary. Having established this urgency, the family that owned it decided to incorporate a new way of doing business - to be an 'outlet' instead of just a store so that they could buy flowers in bulk and deliver to smaller stores in villages and nearby towns. The coalition in the organization allowed this to happen as all the employees wanted to protect their employment. A website was created and a delivery business via online orders was also incorporated. Weddings and other events were provided much lower packages by utilizing less expensive materials. Obstacles were removed in training new employees for online services, investing in necessary equipment, and creating new agreements with suppliers and smaller stores. Short-term and long-term goals were put in place; the organization has created internal teams to ...

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