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    Importance of Vision in an Organization

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    In any organization, it is important to have a vision for where the organization wants to be in the future. This vision often dictates the structure and strategic decision-making for the organization. What is the relationship between the vision and the organization's structure and decision-making process. You will also evaluate how the organization's vision and structure affects the leader's behavioral style.

    1.Explain how a vision influences an organization's structure.
    2.Identify how vision and organizational structure guide an organization's decision-making.
    3.Evaluate the connection between the organization's vision and structure with a leader's behavioral style applied to the organizations development.
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    1.Explain how a vision influences an organization's structure.

    Visionary leadership shapes the organization's entire structure as it drives the organization by establishing the mission, goals, objectives, and strategic planning that will be used to provide the resources necessary for organizational success. The leader's vision influences how the organization functions by serving as the official guide for the strategic objectives and goals of the organization. In addition, it elicits organizational support from employees by providing a human element to the mission statement that accompanies the ...

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    The importance of vision in an organization is examined.