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    Pin-Joint Analysis : Direction and Magnitudes of Support Reactions; Load and Nature of Load of Canopy

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    I need a worked solution for these questions (also attached on the LAST PAGE of the attachement. The first couple pages are just examples. Thanks)

    The structure shown in Figure TA 1 is a pin-jointed section of a canopy and carries a single load of 4 kN acting at the lower right-hand joint.

    Pin-jointed canopy
    Determine the following:
    (a) the directions of the support reactions concurrency for the external forces;
    (b) the magnitudes of the reactions and the load in each member of the canopy using graphical means;
    (c) the nature of the load in each of the canopy members (ie whether a strut or a tie).

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    Ok so I can get you started without having to wait for my pretty pictures which I have to scan . Lets start with some labels to the diagram.

    Let pin A be the pin directly in contact with the 4kN vertical force.
    Member 1 is the horizontal member supporting pin A
    Member 2 is the member at 30 degrees from horizontal supporting pin A

    Pin B is attached to the other end of member 1
    Pin C is attached to the other end of member 2

    member 4 is the vertical member between pins B and C

    member 3 is at 45 degrees from horizontal and supports pin B

    The other end of member 3 supports pin D and is against the wall

    member 5 is horizontal and supports pin C and pin D

    member 6 is 45 degrees from horizontal and supports pin C
    the other end of member 6 supports pin E at the top of the wall

    member 7 is vertical and supports pins E and D and lies against the wall

    A line drawn from pin E to pin A shows the line of Reaction force one or R1

    A line drawn from pin D to pin A shows the line of Reaction force two or R2

    There are two reactive forces at the wall- draw lines from the pin with the 4 kN force to the pins at the wall to get these directions. R1 has a direction from the horizontal of tan^-1(2/3) ...

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