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Maximum load P

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Three plates are joined with a 12 mm diameter pin as shown. Determine the maximum load P that can be transmitted by the joint if:
a) The maximum normal stress on a cross-section of the plates at the pin must not exceed 400 MPa.
b) The maximum bearing stress between a plate and the pin must not exceed 600 MPa.
c) The maximum shear stress on a cross-section of the pin must not exceed 250 MPa.
d) The punching shear resistance of the material in the top and bottom plates is 350 MPa.

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The figure shown is a lap joint connection using a rivet or bolt connector.
a) The plates can fail by tension. The governing equation for this is:
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At = t(b-nd)
And t= thickness, b=plate width, n=number of ...

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In this solution the steps are given for solving the maximum normal stress, maximum bearing stress, maximum shear stress, and punching stress of a lap joint connection. The required equations are given with a corresponding explanation on how to proceed to the solution.