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Simple Beam Concentrated Load at a Point

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Draw the shear and bending moment diagram for the beam shown and find the value of the maximum bending stress. This case is a Simple Beam Concentrated Load at a Point. Solving for Moment of inertia, c-value, Reactions, Shear, Moment, and Max Bending Stress are discussed. Two different solution methods are discussed.

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According to the American Institute of Steel Construction, for a Simple Beam Concentrated Load at any Point as shown below: <Figure>.

The stress and moment diagram look as follow according to this source: <Figure>.

An additional resource for finding generalized shear and moment diagrams for common cases is Roarke's Book of Stress and Strain.

Solve for the Reactions:

An alternate method is to first solve for the reactions. This is done by summing the moment ...

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The expert examines a simple bean concentrated load at a point.