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Attached is a copy of an Excel spread sheet,
?This spreadsheet contains 4 worksheets
oWorksheet #1: Lists the random numbers you use for your simulation. There are three sets, with each set having up to 50 numbers. Use each set for each type of randomization. For example, on problem 9, you will use the first set to randomize interarrival times and the second set to randomize service times.
oWorksheet #2: This contains the solution to problem 4-12. The formulas contained in this worksheet should assist you with 4-9 and 4-20. Also note how the random numbers from worksheet #1 were used in this worksheet.
oWorksheet #3: Contains problem 4-9, to complete
oWorksheet #4: Contains problem 4-20, to complete.

Problem 12 is already done. their are only two problems that is 9 and 20


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The excel file contains :
1. Detailed step by step simulation procedure with notes
2. Calculations with formulas for conceptual understanding
3. Answers with explanations