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    A bicycle plant runs two assembly lines, A and B. 96.3% of line A's products pass instruction, while only 92.1% of line B's products pass inspection, and 70% of the factory's bikes come off assembly line A.
    a) What is the probability that a randomly selected bike passed inspection?
    b) What is the probability that a randomly selected bike that did not pass inspection came from assembly line B?

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    Let's use variable x and y to denote the number of bikes produce by A and B respectively.

    Total number of bikes produced in the plant = x + y
    70 % of which comes from A: (x+y) 0.70 = x

    0.3 x = 0.7 y
    3x = 7y
    y= 3x/7 I will use this in the calculation that follows to replace y.

    (a) Probability that a bike ...

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