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    Perimeters and Areas

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    1. An ecology center wants to set up an experimental garden using 300m of fencing to enclose a rectangular area of 5000 . Find the dimensions of the garden.

    2. A landscape architect has included a rectangular flown bed measuring 9ft by 5ft in her plans for a new building. She wants to use two colors of flowers in the bed, one on the center and the other for a border of the same width on all four sides. If she has enough plants to cover for the border, how wide can the border be?

    3. A kite is flying on 50ft of string. Its vertical distance from the ground is 10ft more than its horizontal distance from the person flying it. Assuming that the string is being held at ground level, find its horizontal distance from the person and its vertical distance from the ground.

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    1. 100 m x 50 m , since 100x50 = 5000 area, and 100m + 100m +50m + 50m = 300m fencing

    2. the border will be limited by the ...

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