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    Similar Triangles

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    Surveying: Surveyors sometimes use similar triangles to measure inaccessible distances. A surveyor could find distance AB by setting up similar triangles ABC and EDC. Assuming all lengths may be directly measured to set up a proportion and solve for AB.

    17. How does the surveyor make ABC similar to EDC?
    18. Set up a proportion and solve for AB
    19. Find the areas of the two triangles in Ercise 17. Compare the ratio of the areas to the ratio of the perimeters.

    What do you notice?

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    From the figure < ACB = < DCE

    (Because co-interior angles)

    From the fig. it's clear that
    <A = <B
    And <D = <E (DC = DE)

    In a triangle sum of the angles equal to 1800

    ..<A+,B+<ACB = ...

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