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    Probability and geometry

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    1. The weights in pounds of six elementary students are: 80,92,71,63,76, and 83. Find the following:

    (a) mean ____________
    (b) median ____________
    (c) mode __________
    (d) range ___________
    (e) standard deviation (to the nearest tenth of a pound) _______________

    2. A bag contains five red candies, six white candies, and seven blue candies. Suppose one piece of candy is drawn at random. Find the probability for each of the following:

    (a) A white candy is drawn. _______
    (b) A red or blue candy is drawn. ______
    (c) Neither a white nor a blue is drawn. ____

    3. Two lines are parallel if they have the same slope. Explain why the points with the following coordinates form a parallelogram.
    A(3,4) B(5,8) C(8,3) D(6, -1)

    4. In each of the following answer true or false. Justify your answers.

    (a) Congruent triangles are also similar.

    (b) Two similar triangles are also congruent triangles..

    (c) Any two equilateral triangles are similar.

    5. If each dimension of a box is quadrupled, how are the surface area and the volume affected?

    6. Find the volume of the figure below (assume a right circular cylinder on bottom and half a sphere on top.

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    This shows how to find mean, median, mode, range, and standard deviation, probability of given situations, how to determine if coordinates make a parallelogram, and the difference between similar and congruent triangles.