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    Probability and Geometry: Writing the Correct Equation

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    1. Center (-8, 1), radius square root of 3. Write the correct equation.

    2. 6x+7y=11
    The equation in slope intercept
    Form is y = _______
    The slope is _______
    Y intercept is ________

    3. Two round fountains are similar. One measures 6'4" across and the other measures 8"7" across. The scale factor of the fountains is ______(simplified fraction)

    4. If you need 6 gallons of gas to fill your gas tank. The odometer read 35,200 miles. When the odometer read 35,416 than the tank was filled with 12 gallons. At the end of the trip the tank was filled with 16 gallons and the odometer read 35,736 miles. How many miles per gallon did she get for the entire trip? __________miles per gallon(nearest tenth)

    5. You have 10 men and 10 women. A production unit of 8 people is set up at random. What is the probability that it will consist of 3 men and 5 women? The probability is _______(integer or decimal..rounded to 4 decimal place)

    6. Convert 40degrees F to Celsius. Use the formula C = 5(F-3)/9.
    ________ Degree C

    7. How many different one-to -one correspondence could be listed between the vertices of 2 regular pentagons?________

    8. How many different one-to-one correspondence could be listed between the vertices of 2 n-gons? ____________

    9. What is the measurement of each of the angles of the rectangle 1.5 sided polygon? __________

    10. A 22 foot ladder leans against a wall at a 75 degrees angle of elevation. What is the distance from the ladders base to the wall? _________

    11. Suppose 8 quarters , 9 dimes, 6 nickels, and 7 pennies in a box. One coin is selected at random. The expected value of this experiment is $______(nearest cent)

    12. Family room measures 16 feet by 30. The floor is covered with square tiles that measures 1 foot on a side and cost $0.96 each. How much will they spend on the tile? _________

    13. Find the radius of the circle with given circumference
    C= 14cm
    R= _________cm (use n as needed)

    14. You have 10 members, 4 men and 6 women. 3 members are selected at random to attend meeting. Names are drawn from a hat. What is the probability that all 3 selected are women? __________(integer or simplified fraction).

    15. 68% it will rain tomorrow. What is the probability it will not rain tomorrow?

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