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    Find the length or width of similar triangles or rectangles.

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    1 A drawing on a transparency is6.5 inches wide and 3 inches long. The width of the image of the drawing projected onto the screen is 13 feet. How long, in feet, is the drawing on the screen?

    2. Triangles ABC and DEF are similar. The length of the sides of ABC are 56, 64, and 72. The length of the largest side of DEF is 252. What is the length of the smallest side of DEF?

    3. A small rectangle has a width of 4 feet and a length of 10 feet. A larger, similar rectangle has length of 12 feet. What is the perimeter of the large rectangle?

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    1. Since the area does not change after the projection, area=6.5*3=13*length where length is what we need to solve. So length=1.5 feet.

    2. Since triangles ABC and ...

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