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Two triangles: The lengths of the sides opposite the angles.

In this question ABC and PQR are two triangles, and the lengths of the sides opposite the angles A,B,C P, Q, R are a,b,c,p,q,r, respectively.

Choose the THREE false statements.


A. If angle A= angle Q and angle B= angle P. then it must follow that c b
--- = --
r p

B. If a b , then it must follow that angle C =
-- = --
p q
angle R.

C. If a b c , then triangles ABC and PQR must
-- = -- = --
p q r

be similar.

D. If triangles ABC and PQR are similar and a q ,
-- = --
b r
then c p
-- =--
a q

E. If the angles A,B and C are measured in radians then A+B+C= 2pi

F. If angle Q= 90 degress, then cos P = p

G p sin R = r sin P

H b= / a^2+ c^2 -2 ac cos B

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B, E, and F are False.

B: If a/p = b/q, it does not mean that the two ...

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