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Ethical Effects on Drug Treatment

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What are the Effects that Ethics in drug treatments have on the field of psychology? Can you please give references?

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What are the Effects that Ethics in drug treatments have on the field of Psychology?

According to The National Center for Biotechnology (2013) the term ethics implies deep philosophical discussions however in reality ethics is an intellectual approach to moral issues. Ethical dilemmas regarding views, beliefs, values and judgments are faced everyday by those in the counseling field. This is especially true with substance abuse therapists working with addicts. Throughout history society has viewed individuals with addictions as worthless, weak and without morals or values. Therapists who work with addicts may find their time is spent dealing with societal level dilemmas, their own personal ethical dilemmas as well as their client's ethical dilemmas.

Herring (2006) states that there are many written codes of ethics and while these documents may be useful for giving society and clients the assurance of ethical perimeters they do not provide a useful frame of reference when dealing with everyday dilemmas. Each counselor has a unique approach to identical ethical ...

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This solution discusses the effects that ethics has on drug treatment in the field of Psychology. Contains over 450 words with references and examples of ethical perimeters for individuals studying to work within the field of counseling.