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Various questions on finite mathematics

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if a*b = b*a is false then...

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1. True. First we need to show that if a system comprising two linear equations in two variables has a unique solution then the straight lines represented by the equations are nonparallel. Proof: if A system comprising two linear equations in two variables has a unique solution, then the straight lines represented by the equations must intersect because solution ONLY occurs at intersection point. Hence, two lines are not ...

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The solution gived detailed steps on solving various questions on the mathematical logic. All concepts are shown and explained.

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Finite math/business analysis
7 Multiple choice questions on statistics

1.Those methods involving the collection, presentation, and characterization of a set of data in order to properly describe the
various features of that set of data are called
a. statistical inference.
b. the scientific method.
c. sampling.
d. descriptive statistics.

2. Which of the following is most likely a parameter as opposed to a statistic?
a. The average score of the first five students completing an assignment.
b. The proportion of females registered to vote in a county.
c. The average height of people randomly selected from a database.
d. The proportion of trucks stopped yesterday that were cited for bad brakes.

3. Which of the following is not an element of descriptive statistical problems?
a. An inference made about the population based on the sample.
b. The population or sample of interest.
c. Tables, graphs, or numerical summary tools.
d. Identification of patterns in the data.

4. When studying the simultaneous responses to two categorical questions, we should set up a
a. contingency table.
b. frequency distribution table.
c. cumulative percentage distribution table.
d. Histogram.

5. A marketing research firm, in conducting a comparative taste test, provided three types of peanut butter to a sample of households randomly selected within the state. Which of the four methods of data collection is involved when people are asked to compare the three types of peanut butter?
a. Published sources
b. Experimentation
c. Surveying
d. Observation

6. Which descriptive summary measures are considered to be resistant statistics?
a. The mean and standard deviation.
b. The interquartile range and range.
c. The mode and variance
d. The median and interquartile range.

7. According to the empirical rule, if the data form a "bell-shaped" normal distribution, _______ percent of the observations will be contained within 1 standard deviation around the mean.
a. 68.26
b. 88.89
c. 93.75
d. 95.44

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