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    Sweet Delight Candies, Inc., sells boxes of candy consisting of creams and caramels. Each box sells for $4 and holds 50 pieces of candy (all pieces are the same size). If the caramels cost $0.05 to produce and the creams cost $0.10 to produce, how many caramels and creams should be in each box for no profit and no loss? Would you increase or decrease the number of caramels in order to obtain a profit.

    20 cramels @ 0.05 = $1.00
    30 creams @ 0.10 = $3.00 1+ 3 = $4.00 my start

    Thank You

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    Let there be x caramels and y creams in each box.

    x + y = 50

    y = 50 - x

    Cost of one ...

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