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Finite Mathematics - 20 Review Questions

Please see the attachment.

Problems 1-3 (also attached):

Acme Inc. has just purchased new computers for $60,000. Suppose that in 8 years the computers will have a salvage value of $8,000. The college plans to depreciate the value of the computers linearly over the 8 years.

1. Based on the above information, value (y) is a function of time (x). Compute the values of m and b that satisfy the equation y = mx + b.
a) Find m.
b) Find b.

2. What will the value of the computers be 5 years from now?

3. In the context of this problem, which of the following best describes the meaning of the slope?
(a) The accumulated depreciation
(b) The depreciation per year
(c) The value of the computers at the end of a given year
(d) The purchase price

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