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    Mathematics - Finite Mathematics - Base-3 System

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    Suppose that we wished to develop a base three number system to be used in place of either a decimal system or a base two binary system

    a-- How many separate symbols would we need in this system? In the binary system, we can get away with only two, 0 and 1. Will this work in a base three system? How would you write the decimal number 2 ?

    b-- Write the decimal numbers 6 and 39 in base three form.

    c-- What would be a possible use for this system?

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    (a) In base 3 system we need the three digits 0, 1 and 2 only and nothing more.

    Since 2 is a valid digit in the base 3 system, 2 base 10 = 2 base 3.

    (b) We divide 6 by 3 successively until we get zero quotient and write down all the

    remainders. This gives starting ...

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