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    Food-Storage Capacity of a Refrigerator

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    The electric company in a certain community has instituted a program to get people to save energy: by giving up their old refrigeators, especially those that are sitting in basements and are no longer being used to cool food. The electric company will go out to the home of a resident and pick up a refrigerator free of charge, but two conditions must be satisfied:

    * The refrigerator must still be working.

    * It must have a food-storage capacity of at least 10 cubic feet but no more than 30 cubic feet.

    One resident of this community has an old, working refrigerator whose food-storage compartment has the following dimensions: 44 inches from top to bottom, 24 inches from left to right, and 17 inches from front to back. Does the food-storage capacity of this refrigerator lie within the range specified by the electric company for its free-pickup offer?

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