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    Bad customer service from refrigerator maker

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    Think of a time when a company did not process an order or perform a service for you in a timely manner.
    1. What was your reaction?
    2. What actions did the company take to correct the situation?
    3. What actions would you have liked for the company to take?
    4. Discuss possible reasons why the company was not able to complete your order/service in a timely manner and suggest potential areas for improvement.

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    I had a very bad customer service experience with a leading global consumer electronics company that manufacturers refrigerators and other home appliances and consumer electronic products.

    1) What was your reaction?
    I got annoyed and frustrated with the company when they could not fix up my refrigerator within the promised time. It was a very bad experience since the company could not deliver the service as promised at the time of purchase.

    2) What actions did the company take to correct the situation?
    After a series of complaints, the ...

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    Explains a situation wherein a customer had a bad experience with customer service department of a refrigerator manufacturer. 361 words.