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What makes a fast-food restourant successful

Visit a fast food restaurant and answer these questions.

1) In what ways is quality, or lack of quality, visible?

2) What items must be stocked in addition to the food?

3) How important do you think employee scheduling is? Explain.

4) How might capacity decisions affect the success or failure of the restaurant?

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For this project, I analyzed a fast food restaurant called "Alexandros". This small fast food restaurant offers Greek and Mediterranean cuisine for people on the go.

When you think of Greece and Greek food, fresh, healthy, abundant and delicious are words that often come to mind. "Alexandros" works hard to leave up to this reputation. The quality of food is visible to everyone, because the food is made right before your eyes. There are no back kitchens and mysterious ingredients. Everything is made while you wait. Moreover, customers are encouraged to participate in meal making, by watching they way employees prepare their food, and choosing the ingredients that they would like to add to their meals. "Alexandros" employees pride themselves with being known as the place with the Best Gyro in Town. This restaurant is always busy, with both new and old loyal customers. "Alexandros" is so sure that you will love their food, that they ...

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This solution analyses a fastfood restaurant and what makes it successful (quality vs quantaty, capacity, scheduling...)