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    Precalculus Problems

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    1) One hundred stones are placed on the ground 3 feet apart, the first being 3 feet from a basket. If the basket and all of the stones are in a straight line, how far does a person travel who starts from the basket and brings the stones to it one by one?

    2) 55 Freshman were interviewed about the classes they were taking this semester.
    23 said they were taking science
    19 said they were taking math
    20 said they were taking English
    7 said they were taking both science and math
    8 said they were taking both science and English
    8 said they were taking both math and English
    2 said they were taking all three classes
    How many students are not taking any science, math, or English?
    How many students are taking exactly one of science, math, or English?

    3) Leon, who is always in a hurry, walked up an escalator, while it was moving, at the rate of one step per second and reached the top in 24 days. The next day he climbed two steps per second (skipping none), also while it was moving, and reached the top in 36 steps. If the escalator had been stopped, how many steps did the escalator have from the bottom to the top?

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