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Technology: Its Application, Uses and Effects

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The impact of mathematics on technology.

a. Prepare a 1,750 to 2,100-word paper which includes historical background on the mathematicians, their time period(s), and the contributions that affected their society and modern society. Provide specific examples of how the mathematical developments affected society. The examples you provide should reflect both your research and your own ideas.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 2175 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 2175 words with references.

//Before writing about the historical background on the mathematics, we will write about the impact of mathematics on the technology. Firstly, the introduction about the influence of mathematics on the society and the contributions of the mathematicians towards the development of the knowledge of the society is given. //

Impacts of Mathematics on Technology

With the advent of the new and innovative methods of resolving the critical problems of mathematics proposed by the eminent mathematicians, the field of technology has got affected to a great extent towards the progressive measures. Mathematics and mathematicians play an important role in the present as well as ancient period of time to promote the technological innovations, so that the societal approach can be enhanced (Raghunathan, 2003). The mathematicians have proposed different sort of resolving methods and concepts, which is helpful for the development of new technologies, like computer systems, software, etc. The specialization of the mathematicians in the respective fields can be numerically transformed in the applied and elementary concepts of mathematics, which simplifies the definite and aesthetic performance of the people. It forms the basis for the promotion of new technologies in the society (Dauben & Scriba, 2002).

Mathematics plays an important role in classifying the processes in the form of discrete and continuous, so that the adequate technique can be derived from the processes. Mathematical models provide assistance in the physical sciences, business processes, engineering, etc. In the ancient time period, mathematics was used for managing the trading activities, threading and painting blueprints, etc (Rousseau, Saint-Aubin & Ascah-Coallier, 2008). It got advanced with the changes in the period of times in a way that the field of mathematics became systematic and synergistic with the alterations in the technological framework. It has revolutionized the taxation policy, astronomical measurements, land & building aspects and financial aspects (O'Connor & Robertson, 1997).

//After discussing about the generalized influence of mathematics on the society and technology, we will write about the developments in the mathematics over a period of time from the initialization. It will assist in understanding the importance of the mathematical concepts at the ancient age. //

From the early 2000 BC to the present status, modifications and inventions of new mathematical concepts is taking place and it is synthesizing the use of mathematics in the development of technology. With the assistance of this, widely implemental technology used for the development of computer came into existence. The calculating software and resources, geometry analytical tools, web based teaching methods, etc. are a part of technology derived out of the concepts of mathematics (Robson). These developments have been distributed among the different societal groups existing in the countries. Due to the advancements in the mathematical concepts, the technology is also getting precise and specific. It is the efforts of the mathematicians of different time periods, which has made the present technological scenario of the society simpler and easily comprehensible (Dauben & Scriba, 2002).

On the basis of the analysis of the developments in the field of mathematics, the different phases of the technology and the contribution of the mathematicians as well as their influence on the society can be effectively summarized and explained. In the initial phase of the development of mathematics at the time period of Babylonians, the notations of the number system were defined and the base for the mathematics developments was established (O'Connor & Robertson, 2000). In the phase of 1700 BC, the Pythagoras theorem was generally used by the Babylonians to resolve the algebraic equations. It assisted them in ...

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