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Physical science 8th edu by Bill W. Tillery

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1. A water wave has a frequency of 6Hz and a wavelength of 3m.
(a) What is the period of these waves?
(b) what is the wave velocity?

2. The lower frequency limit for human hearing is usually considered to be 20.0 Hz. What is the corresponding wave length for this frequency if the air temperature is 20.0 C?

4. The low range of frequencies used for medical applications is about 1,000,000 Hz. What is the wavelength of this frequency in air?

6. An echo bounces from a building exactly 1.00s after you honk your horn. How many feet away is the building if the air temperature is 20.0C?

7. A submarine sends a sonar signal , which returns from another ship 2.250s later. How far away is the other ship if the speed of sound in seawater is 1,530.0 ms2?

8. A student under water clicks two rocks together and makes a sound with a frequency of 600.0Hz and a wavelength of 2.5m. what is the speed of this underwater sound?

15. The following sound wave has what velocity?

a. 20.0 Hz,^of 17.2m

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I have used simple formulas to work out these problems. Here are the notations and the formulas that I have used -

T = Period, F = Frequency, ...

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