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Physical science (8th edition) by Bill W. Tillery

Parallel Exercises

1. How much work is done when a force of 800.0 Ni s exerted while pushing a crate across a level floor for a distance of 1.5m?

2. A force of 400.0 N is exerted on a 1,250 N car while moving it a distance of 3.0 m. How much work was done on the car?

4. An electric hoist does 196,000 J of work in raising a 250. 0 kg load. How high was the load lifted?

8. How much work will be done by a 30-gram bullet that is traveling at 200m/s?

9. A force of 50.0 lb is used to push a box 10.0 ft across a level floor. (a) How much work was done on the box? (b)What is the change of potential energy as a result of this move?

12. (a) What is the kinetic energy of a 1,500.0 kg car with a velocity of 72.0 km/h? (b) How much work must be done on this car to bring it to a complete stop?

15. A 175.0 lb hiker is able to ascend a 1,980 ft high slope in 1 hour and 45 minutes (a) How much work did the hiker do? (b) What was the average power output in hp?

16. (a) How many seconds will it take a 10.0 hp motor to lift a 2,000.0 lb elevator a distance of 20.0 ft (b) What was the average velocity of the elevator?

18. What is the velocity of a 60.0 kg jogger with a kinetic energy of 1,080.0 J?

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