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I recently sponsored a child for christmas and he is spanish. I would like to write him a proper letter in Spanish about myself.

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When I was a child I lived in Valley Stream Long Island. When I attended school I was enrolled in many activities and clubs. I especially loved the art club. As I got older I enrolled in kickline and cheerleading and spent most of my free time at practice with my teammates. I was a very active and happy child. I have to admit that I have an addiction to video games esecially qubert. Now I am 24 years old and I live in Massapequa New York. I am a studnet as well as a bartender at houstons restaurant in garden city. Some of my hobbies today are watching reality tv and learning Yoga. I am going to graduate from Suny Farmingdale this semester with my liberal Arts degree. I am hoping to attend Tampa University next fall and study nursing. I am happy to say that I am also getting married on May 1 2005 to my high school sweet heart james and we will be getting married at Fox Hollow in Woodbury.

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you have asked for a translation of the above text from English into Spanish. I have provided the translation for you below:

Cuà¡ndo yo era un nià±o que vivà­ en la Corriente del Valle la Isla Larga. Cuà¡ndo yo asistà­ la escuela que yo me fui matriculado en muchas actividades y clubes. Adoré especialmente el ...

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