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Spanish Lifestyles

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Read the document about Lifestyles and share your opinions and reactions in a minimum of 300. How might this lifestyle benefit the Spanish people? Discuss what you find positive or negative about what you read and support your ideas with examples and reasoning.

Are there aspects of the Spanish lifestyle that you wish you could adopt into your own lifestyle? How might individual families be able to incorporate some of the Spanish priorities into their homes? How do you think the strong ties to family might influence Spain's society as a whole?

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This solution discusses Spanish lifestyles.

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I will be able to highlight some of the answers to these questions from my perspective, but I am not allowed to write your essay.

Lifestyle Benefits to Spanish people:
A slower pace can mean less stress.
It appears that the Spanish people make more time for family time, which can lend itself creating and maintaining better familial relationships and can lend itself to possibly more familial support during difficult times.
Since the temperatures in some areas are significantly high, the siesta in the middle of the day can bring relief from the hot temps.

Positives to me:
Slower pace, since I'm rushing around nearly every day, it would be a nice ...

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