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    Research Methods in Business

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    Differentiate descriptive, historical, correlational, and experimental research methods in business. Provide clear definitions of each. Use examples that point out the factors that make each unique. Provide support for your answers.

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    Historical Research:
    The relevancy of past events or the old saying that if one does not know the past it may happen again is the reason companies may engage in historical research. This research posits a necessity to understand, study, and explain past events to develop conclusions concerning past events that may assist in anticipating or explaining present or future events (Kravitz, 2012).

    EX: Understanding past research from side-impact crashes on our vehicles has assisted in the design of side-crash resistant doors against small vehicles that has the capability to save lives of our customers.

    Descriptive Research:
    Researchers who employ surveys, interviews, or observation and data review are using ...

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