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Church & State in Medieval Europe

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How would Pope Gregory VII have reacted to William I's relationship with the English church as described in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle? Why?

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The solution discusses the relationship with the English church in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

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There is plenty of material on William in the Chronicle, little on Gregory. I needed to use two other sources.
the other problem is that there are many, many versions of the Chronicle. I picked the one most commonly used and gave you a link to the Pdf.

How would Pope Gregory VII have reacted to William I's relationship with the English church as described in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, and why?

Well, you're in good hands here.

The simple answer is that Gregory backed the invasion and generally liked the results. There was little friction between the two men.

Gregory and William were contemporaries. Rome backed William because she needed allies. Surrounded with enemies, the powerful reforming pope Gregory VII Hildebrand could afford to alienate yet another power leader. Gregory remained loyal to William even as William enforced a strict control over church and state. So long as Roman canons were being imposed, Gregory was happy. Anything else could come later.

The first issue was that Rome, true or not, had been told that England, prior to the conquest, was pursuing her own policies independent of Rome. That her clergy were debauched and doctrine was confused. Most authorities hold that the accusations were generally true. However, this provided the pretext for William's bid to organize England the way he organized Normandy, as a strict, papal and feudal hierarchy. (Moss, 2011). This is buttressed by the fact that the Norman line was highly Latinized and canonically regular. By bringing the Normans to England, Rome would be ...

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