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    Female and Male Gods: Characteristics & Attributes

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    Compare and contrast the characteristics of the male divine gods with their female counterparts in the ancient world. Please use specific examples.

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    The Male & Female Divine

    Divinity and the struggle to make sense of reality had always been a part of the human experience. Cultures and practices from the very ancient times to the present manifest the efforts of human beings to connect with their realities by attempting to explain or make sense of the world through a 'divine' explanation. This divine explanation had always been associated with the world view of a people and their natural environment for via these mechanics, they can 'divinely attest' to why things are the way they are answering questions like the origins of the world and of life, the purpose of life and living, the reason behind night and day, sun and moon, water and earth, love and marriage, etc. For example, the Egyptians had always associated the Nile and the Sun to life and power believing that the world started via a massive flooded chaos symbolizing deities with objects from their natural environment (cats, dogs, birds, sun, moon, etc.). This is no different from the practices of the Native Americans, the Vikings, the Celts, the Japanese, the ...

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