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    Biological Success and Natural Selection vs. Sexual Selectio

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    1) Discuss and defend what attributes you would use to define biological success among animals. Are humans a biological success by these standards? Why or why not?

    2) Compare and contrast natural selection vs. sexual selection. Give an example of each.

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    Biological success would be an animal's ability to successfully survive and reproduce. The purpose of reproducing is to pass on its genes to the next generation. Each organism wants to give its offspring the best chance at survival and so it will try and find the best mate to allow its offspring that chance. Each generation that survives and reproduces contributes to the fitness of itself and it's ancestors.

    Humans are very successful, but in terms of biological success, that can be debated. Some humans do not reproduce and so they are not biologically successful; however, some humans adopt and so they are contributing to the fitness of the human population that way. Other humans are firefighters, babysitters, doctors, etc. and these people all have jobs that can help the human population survive ...

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    This solution goes over in detail what biological success is and what can determine biological success. It specifically discusses humans and their biological success. It also discusses in detail the difference between natural and sexual selection, to include examples of each.