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    Influence of Mongol Rule in China

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    The Mongol Influence on China:

    1. Annihilation and destruction of Chinese nationals

    2. Abolished Civil Service

    3. Division of Chinese into four distinct classes

    4. Peasants, artisans and merchants were all benefited from the Mongol rule

    5. Mongolian attitude towards religions in China

    6. Mongolian influence on culture and preservation of their own culture.

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    The Mongol Empire in Asia was established quickly by invading armies of Genghis Khan. After an attack on India, he even conquered large chunk of Russian territory. In this juncture, it was impossible for Chinese to escape from the invasion. However, the downfall was further hastened by the double game of Sung Emperor. Kublai Khan was responsible for completing the annexation of Southern China.
    The accession of Yuan dynasty and Mongol invasion had seriously affected the normal course of Chinese civilization. Chinese scholars considered Mongols as barbarians who had ...

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    This solution briefly discusses about the Mongol influence in China. The Mongols during the invasion had ruthlessly killed Chinese nationals. During their rule, they had classified the society into four. Chinese culture and religion were benefited from their rule. However, they did not forget their own culture and heritage. References used are included.