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Cultural Differences of Research in Fat Distribution

Can someone help me with research concerning any cultural differences of the fat distribution in the body and health of various cultures?

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Research shows that differences in body fat distribution is primarily associated with biological and socio-environmental factors. Culture variations are based on a perception of attractiveness. For example, in western societies a narrow waist and full hips, and heavy bust line have been considered as a characterizing feature for female attractiveness; whereas other heavy body features and overall weight and physiques is viewed as unattractive (Singh, 1993). According to Singh, even the British model (Twiggy) was perceived as having a low WHR rate because of her flat chest (p. 296). A fat distribution index below 0.9 indicates a gynoid fat distribution where the fat mass of the lower body surpasses the fat mass of the upper body. According to Singh, the gynoid android fat distribution can be measured by ...

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This solution discusses the cultural differences associated with the distribution of fat