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Multiple choice questions on statistics

1.A recent survey of frozen convenience meals found a correlation of r = 0.768 between calories and fat content in the sampled meals. Which of the following is the most appropriate conclusion from this survey about the relationship between calories and fat content?

a. Higher fat content in the sampled meals resulted in a higher total number of calories in the majority of cases in the sample
b. There is not enough evidence of a correlation between the calories and the fat content of the sampled meals to draw a conclusion
c. This survey substantiates the findings of previous research that "higher fat meals tend to produce a larger number of calories "
d. There is a strong correlation between the calorie count and fat content of the sampled meals

2. All the events in the sample space that are not part of the specified event are called:
a. simple events.
b. joint events.
c. the sample space.
d. the complement of the event.

3. An alcohol awareness task force at a Big-Ten university sampled 200 students after the midterm to ask them whether they went bar hopping the weekend before the midterm or spent the weekend studying, and whether they did well or poorly on the midterm. The following result was obtained:
Did Well on Midterm Did Poorly on Midterm
Studying forExam 80 20
Went Bar Hopping 30 70

Referring to the table above, the events "Did Well on Midterm" and "Did Poorly on Midterm" are:
a. statistically dependent
b. mutually exclusive
c. collectively exhaustive
d. all of the above

4. A professor receives, on average, 24.7 e-mails from students the day before the midterm exam. To compute the probability of receiving at least 10 e-mails on such a day, he will use what type of probability distribution?
a. Binomial distribution
b. Poisson distribution
c. Normal distribution
d. Hypergeometric distribution

5. The covariance
a. must be between -1 and +1
b. must be positive
c. can be positive or negative
d. must be less than +1

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