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    Statistics questions

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    Can you help me with statistic questions?

    *The standard deviation of a point estimator is called the _______? (A) standard error (B) sample mean (C) population standard deviation (D) probability distribution

    *The t-distribution can be used with small samples for establishing confidence intervals for the population mean, provided that the population distribution_______ (A) has a known variance (B) is normally distributed (c) is symmetric (D) is continuous

    *When collecting data, the set of all possible outcomes or values that could occur is called __________ (A) an experiment (B) the sample space (c) the random variable (D) an event

    *A store manager found that 20 of his 50 ties in stock are striped. What is the probability that a random selection of a tie to show a customer will be striped?_______ (A) 0 (B) 0.2 (C) 0.4 (D) 0.5

    *Data that are truly integer in nature usually result from all of the following procedures except ______? (A) counting specific values of observations (B) ranking the values of observations (C) labeling categories of observations (D) rating the performances of observations

    *Which of the following statement is true? ____ (A) statistics are used to estimate the values of population parameters (B) statistics describe the characteristics of populations (C) Parameters are used to describe the behavior of samples (D) statistics calculated from sample data are unrelated to the parameters of interest.

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