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Confidence interval : Multiple choice questions

1. 1,600 of 2,000 voters say they plan to vote Republican. Use 0.95 degree of confidence to find the popltn proportion interval.

A. 69.2 to 86.4%
B. 76.5 to 83.5%
C. 77.7 to 82.3%
D. 78.2 to 81.8%
E. none of the above

2. The mean weight of trucks traveling on the the highway is unknown. A state highway inspector needs an estimated mean. He selects 49 trucks passing the weighing station and gets a mean of 15.8 tons, w/ standard deviation of the sample of 3.8 tons. Using the 0.95 degree of confidence, what is the confidence interval w/in which the population mean lies?

A. 14.7 and 16.9
B. 13.2 and 17.6
C. 10.3 and 20.4
D. 16.1 and 18.1
E. none of the above

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