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Confidence intervals and hypothesis tests

I would like to check my responses to the 3 matching questions for my homework assignment.

Bus stats 7 homework

1) The width of a confidence interval will be:
Narrower for 98% confidence than for 90% confidence
Wider for a sample size of 64 than for a sample size of 36
Wider for a 99% confidence than for 95% confidence
Narrower for sample size of 25 than for a sample size of 36
None of the above

2) When the sample size and the sample proportion p hat remain the same, a 90% confidence interval for a population proportion p will be _____ the 99% confidence interval for p.
Wider than
Narrower than
Equal to

3) An NBA basketball player is averaging 21 points per game. He will be retiring at the end of this season. The team has multiple options to replace him. However the owner feels that signing a replacement is only justified, if he can average more than 22 points per game. Which of the following are the appropriate hypothesis for determining whether or not the replacement is worth signing?
Ho: mu< = 21 vs Ha: mu>21
Ho: mu< = 22 vs Ha: mu>22
Ho: mu> = 21 vs Ha: mu<21
Ho: mu> = 22 vs Ha: mu<21

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