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    Results to the body and environment, due to humans

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    Autism and Agricultural Pesticides: Integrating Data to Track Trends McGovern, Victoria. (115N10 SS: A504) Environmental Health Perspectives Volume 115, Number 10, October 2007 Summarize this peer-review article. Help note the significant points, conclusions, or content of the article.

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    As far back as 1962, in Silent Spring, Rachel Carson worked hard to convince Americans that the products added to the environment were having detrimental effects on the chemistry of the human body, specifically, breast cancer, neurological challenges for children and prenatal development, as well as thyroid problems. LÃ?³pez-Cervantes tried to dispute her claims. At that time, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were used in electrical, plastics and other products, which were receiving a lot of focus and provoking concern.

    DDT was successfully used to combat malaria and crop insects in the 1940s but when scientists began noticing that wildlife was being affected by this chemical, questions were raised about the potential cancer problems developing at the time, too. In the 2007, Environmental Health Perspectives piece by John Manuel, the point is made that at the peak of DDT use, those living especially in rural areas are just now reaching their mid-life and some of the ...

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    Health problems and environmental challenges as a result of human involvement is discussed.