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DNA and RNA Analysis

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Please help with the following problems. Include at least one reference in the solution.

1) Compare and contrast DNA and RNA
2) Discuss why humans not evolve with one central repository of DNA rather than having it replicated throughout the body?

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1) Compare and contrast DNA and RNA
DNA and RNA are molecules specifically designed to store and transmit genetic information. Their structure has been largely preserved throughout the different kingdoms of living things. In terms of structure, both DNA and RNA are composed of polymers of ribose sugars, nucleic acids, and phosphate groups. The difference lies in the oxygenation of side chains in the ribose groups and the types of nucleic acids incorporated into their structures. The types of tertiary structures formed by these molecules also differ. The fact that the structure of DNA and RNA has been conserved through all of life ...

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DNA Replications, Testing, and PCR

(1) DNA replication is a method of growth, repair, and recovery. Give me the highlights for a cell making nuclear copies and for cells dividing for reproductive purposes. Not too much detail, because this could get lengthy. I will ask for more depth if I feel you did not cover the topic enough.

(2) Ever notice how presumptive testing uses mainly protein markers while DNA testing does not? You know that DNA is the start and proteins are the result. Explain the role of RNA and give an example of how this supportive polymer could be used in the forensic field.

(3) The first topic this week discussed harnessing the machinery already in place naturally to use for our purposes. So, what is required for PCR and what components of the natural process of replication are we artificially mimicking? As an example, the primers we use in the reaction mimic the ability of the body to select which portion of DNA is replicated. What do the following mimic: Buffer, Taq polymerase. Magnesium. Add any other components you wish.

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