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    cDNA: How it is generated and its application?

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    What is the significance of a cDNA library?
    Why do scientist have to synthesize cDNA from cells and how do cDNA get generated?
    What is a cDNA library? What is a cDNA library used for?
    What is the biological important of studying cDNA?
    What is the difference between cDNA and genomic DNA?
    What is needed in a gene expression study?

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    A cDNA library is a mixture of complementary DNA fragments produced from a mRNA template usually found in the nucleus. It contain only the expressed gene of the organism. The cDNA is synthesize using a single RNA as a template and the enzyme reverse transcriptase. The steps in producing a cDNA library construction is as followed: First, you have to isolate the mRNA from the cells and tissues by using several extraction methods. One of the extraction methods in extracting RNA is the use of trizol reagent followed by column purification. Trizol method is done by adding about 800 ul of Trizol into your cells and incubating it for 10 min. Centrifuge the Trizol and cell mix at maximum speed for 1 min. After centrifugation, you will get three layers of suspension in the tube. The bottom layer is protein, the middle layer is DNA, and the ...

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    The solution discusses the significance of a cDNA library, how it is generated, and how it is different from genomic DNA.