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Mulitlevel interventions in developing health programs

What are some advantages of using mulitlevel interventions when developing community health programs over one that includes a single activity/focus? Are there any disadvantages?

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Community health education intervention has many important components. First, it is a service that is coordinated for the good of the community it serves. It is paid for by taxpayers, with the intention of servicing all populations in the designated regional area. Because resources are not liberally available for prevention, program development is no different than what the for-profit industry must do. In fact, many argue it is an unfair advantage the private sector has. Using teen smoking prevention, as an intervention topic example, the marketing and program development has to be very slick and compelling to counter the wealthy tobacco companies and their fancy ad campaigns. If the target population is teens then the debate comes to whether the cost/benefit analysis will provoke the marketing to be geared solely to teen girls or if the designers can get away with a broader target ...

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There are advantages to developing multilevel interventions in developing community health programs.