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Health Care Protocols & Innovation

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1. Protocols are important in medicine. We use them anytime that a particularly important process needs to be completed in a sequential way for the benefit of our patients. What is your view of protocols in healthcare? As a healthcare manager, CNO, or CEO, how would you optimize compliance with protocols in your facility in order to assure consistent and high quality patient care?

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One of the real challenges in medical practice around the world is that once clinical research is completed and published and the data clearly exists to support updates in treatment protocols, the changes are often not implemented! At least they are not implemented in a timely manner to benefit current patients. Why does that happen? As hospital CEO, CMO, or CNO, how would you work to assure that important documented changes in state-of-the-art treatment are well known and utilized in patient care decisions within your facility?

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1. Protocols and or health pathways are important tools to ensure consistent delivery of evidence-based interventions are used at all times. These 'pathways' enable both the entry-level clinician and seasoned veteran to enact the same proven methods without unnecessary testing or interventions that may not work as well. Hip replacement discharge pathway is a good example of a step-by-step approach required once a client has been discharged after surgery. As a CEO, I would optimize the compliance with protocols by developing standardized templates/written documentation that ...

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This question aims to discuss simply measures managers/CEO's of health agencies can use to increase adherence to health protocols, as well as ensure newest technology/interventions are being used. 334 words.

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