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    Instructional design model

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    Why is it important to use an instructional design model when developing curriculum?
    Describe the learning-centered approach to the educational process and how it differs from other methodologies.
    Learning Objective:
    Describe the basic sequence of Diamond's Learning-Centered Approach to Design.

    Among others, a great reference is Designing and Assessing Courses and Curricula: A Practical Guide by Robert M. Diamond

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    For many centuries, education had been based on the institutions needs to shape the individual according to each particular philosophy. At the beginning of the twentieth century, John Dewey criticized the educational establishment with its constraints in the individual growth to full capacity. He believed "the teacher should be occupied not with subject matter in itself but in its interaction with the pupils present needs and capacities. Hence simple scholarship is not enough" (Garrison, 1999,¶ 35). He opened the door for the development of a 'learner -centered education'.

    The curriculum centered model had been dominating in the educational institution. It is based on the idea that children can't think and must be taught what is best for them. There is no relation between what is learned, the environment or the individual's need. The model is teacher centered where the teacher decides what, when, how and in what time the subject is taught taking into consideration the curriculum covered the previous year. It is a strict model based on a fixed standard of achievement (Teacher's vision, 2010). This teaching method still persists today in some institutions.

    Learning- center teaching was born out of the philosophy that "the learner is not a blank slate (tabula rasa) but brings past experiences and cultural factors to a situation. Each person has a different interpretation and construction of knowledge process"(Learning-theories.com, 2008). It focuses on each student's individual style for learning and capacity for maximum intellectual growth by guiding and facilitating his education through his/her unique interest and needs (Teacher's vision, 2010). ...

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    The solution includes discussion of the curriculum-center and lerner-center education including the instructional design known as ADDIE and how each methodology has shaped education.