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    State cancer registries

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    · description of how either a hospital, state, or national cancer registry works, you must state which description you are using â?"

    · type of data collected â?"

    · for what purposes the data can be used â?"

    · who has access to the data â?"

    · how cancer registries function, that is how they function together from hospital, state and national levels â?"

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    A state cancer registry is a cancer registry operated on the state level in the United States. Public health professionals have access to the daya collected by state cancer registries. This data helps them to better understand and address the burden of cancer. Registry data are critical for targeting programs focused on risk-related behaviors such as smoking or prolonged exposure to the sun, or certain environemental risk factors such as radiation and chemical exposures. This information is also important for identifying where and when cancer screening efforts should be enhanced and for monitoring the treatment that cancer patients receive. Also relaibale registry data are essential for for various research efforts , including those intended to evaluate the effectiveness of cancer prevention, control or treatment programs.

    State cancer registries are designed to:
    Note cancer trends over time.
    Determine cancer patterns in various populations.
    Decide whether or not various , ...

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