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    psychological, social issues, & nutrition of elderly

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    Examine how psychological and social issues affect the nutritional status of the elderly.
    â?¢ What are the risk factors for malnutrition in the elderly?
    â?¢ Discuss the actions that can be taken by nursing professionals, families, and communities to protect the elderly from malnutrition.

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    Malnutrition can be deceptive because it can have a look of a normal older person, obesity or in the form of someone who is frail. In any case, eating nutrient-dense food is not always a luxury for an elder who has limited resources, transportation or social network. If an older person is in an institutional situation or community living, for the most part, he or she will be dependent on the facility to offer a balanced menu, serving all the nutritional requirements of each unique individual at the housing. The resident would be entirely reliant on the dietary staff to be knowledgeable of what ...