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    patient's nutritional status

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    Choose a healthcare facility and create a report about the facilityâ??s policies and procedures for tracking patients with nutritional risks.

    Can you please assist me with the following information:

    How does your facility screen patients for nutritional risk?

    What nutritional risk criteria are used to trigger a referral to a Registered Dietician (RD)?

    Who is responsible for assessing a patient's nutritional status?

    How is nutrition integrated into the nursing plan?

    What anthropometric measurements are routinely recorded in your facility? How often are these measurements monitored?

    What are some common nutritional interventions used in your facility?

    How are outcomes commonly monitored?

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    How does your facility screen patients for nutritional risk?/
    How are outcomes commonly monitored?

    Patients are screened for nutritional risk by being weighed on a monthly basis and then their current/ past (time frame would consist of the past 6 months)/ and ideal weights are compared. If the patient had a significant previous weight loss or gain the patient may be placed on weekly weights which would look at the same information. Weekly weights would be utilized for individuals who were also on specific medications such as lasix as this is a diuretic and case causes a patient to become dehydrated, low potassium which could also lead to abnormal heart beats. On the other end of the spectrum a patients who had a sudden weight gain could have a diagnosis of congestive heart failure ...

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    Facts and procedures about patients who are screened for nutritional risk are detailed with a reference to validate.