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    DHEA and Athletes

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    Discuss the following:
    Why DHEA may be of interest or used by athletes who compete in Long Distance running, an athlete's sport. provide the following details:
    What type of ergogenic aid is it (nutritional, physiological, pharmacological)?
    What is its function physiologically?
    Why do the athletes of your case study's sport believe that they may benefit most from using it?
    What possible side effects might result from using it?
    What is the legal status of the product in professional sports?
    Please provide references.

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    DHEA is an acronym for dehydroepiandrosterone. It is a natural androgen hormone that is found in humans and is broken down by cholesterol. Many athletes take this hormone in as a form of supplement which increases their testosterone levels and improves athletic performance.

    What type of ergogenic aid is it (nutritional, physiological, pharmacological)? Pharmacological. These are performance enhancing drugs.

    What is its function physiologically?

    DHEA has many physiological functions. It increases energy and improves mood, thus enhancing their overall sense of well-being, both physical and mental. Typical reactions include enhanced alertness, better sleep, and better ability to cope with stress. It acts as an ...

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    This solution describes the hormone DHEA and how it is most commonly used by athletes. It describes the risks, benefits and legal status of the supplement.