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Hypothesis testing

The NCAA requires colleges to report the graduation rates of their athletes. At one large university 70.7% of all students who entered between 1989 and 1991 graduated within 6 years. 95 of the 147 students who entered with athletic scholarships graduated. Consider these 95 as a sample of the athletes who will be admitted under present policies. Is there evidence that the percent of athletes who graduate is less than 70.7% ?

A) Explain in words what the parameter p is in this setting
B) What are the null and alternative hypotheses?
C) What is the numerical value of the sample proportion p? Of what event is the p value the probability?
D) The P-value is P= 0.053 Explain why this says there is some reason to think that graduation rates are lower among athletes than among all students.

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The parameter 'p' refers to the graduation rates of athletes.


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