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    Asthma Education in the Emergency Department

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    You are learning that there is more to an implementation plan for change than simply saying you want to make the change, or even providing the research evidence to support the change.
    Proposed change is implementation of an asthma education program for the emergency department.
    A DETAILED plan is critical to the potential success of your proposed change.
    1. Please provide an overview of the following areas you will need to address in your plan AND the feasibility of successfully addressing these areas in order to support your proposed change (respond to EACH point):
    - Time
    - People
    - Equipment/Materials
    - Costs
    1. Identify all potential barriers.
    2. What do you think the chances of successfully implementing this change?
    3. Identify all potential facilitators.
    Address all points in the Discussion Question and utilize at least THREE (3) citations from current credible academic/scholarly sources.

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