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    The Healthcare System

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    1. What basic service components are necessary in order for a healthcare system to be considered complete?

    2. Why are these the necessary components?

    The following are the major components of a healthcare system:
    · Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Services
    · Emergency Medical Services
    · Ambulatory Care For Simple /Limited Conditions
    · Ambulatory Care For Complex/ Continuing Conditions
    · Inpatient Care For Single/Limited Inpatient Conditions
    · Inpatient Care For Complex/ Multiple Inpatient Conditions
    · Long -Term Care
    · Services For Social/Psychological Conditions
    · Rehabilitation Services
    · Dental Services
    · Pharmaceutical Services.

    Please give me some direction/insight on the components listed above on how they relate to the two question. Also, please provide exmaples of the components as well.

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    This solution examines the basic service components that are necessary in order for a healthcare system to be considered complete, and why these are the necessary components.